The 2021 Big Muddy Film Festival

The 43rd Big Muddy Film Festival was held virtually from March 17-31, 2021. Seven feature films and 75 short films were shown.

Virtual Big Muddy Film Festival 2021 will include smartphone entries – The Southern, Feb 17, 2021
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Award Winners

Feature Films:

Bone Cage (d. Taylor Olson)
Da Big Zip (d. Nick Alonzo)
The End Will Be Spectacular (d. Ersin Çelik)
In A Silent Way (d. Gwenaël Breës)
Pureza (d. Renato Barbieri)
Seasons Of Change On Henry’s Farm (d. Ines Sommer)

Shorts Programs:

Come Together
Culture And Infrastructure
Growing Pains
Human Agency
Inalienable Rights
Inverted Worlds
Lifeboat Earth
Mind And Matter
Stories Of Self Determination
The Ties That Bind

Short Films:

6 in the Afternoon (d. Ethan Jahan)
9572 (d. Takahiro Suzuki)
A.I. Mama (d. Asuka Lin)
Among Sirens (d. Aneeta Mitha & Julie Ludwig)
An Entombing (Dis)Entombing (d. Adam E. Stone)
another horizon (d. stephanie m barber)
Ark of the Apocalypse (d. Jeremy Seifert)
Ayaan (d. Alies Sluiter)
Barbara Crites: Snorkeling St John, USVI (d. Andrea E Leland)
Becoming (d. Alex Morelli)
Big Touch (d. Christopher Tenzis)
Blue Muon (d. Nicolas PERNOT)
Century (d. Kevin Obsatz)
Charon (d. Yannick Karcher)
Clench My Fists (d. Sarah Trad)
Close as Brothers (d. Jennifer Hardacker)
Cousins (d. Chris Blue)
Dead or Die (d. Pine Minegishi)
Dear Elsa: 10 Letters + 10 Experiments (d. Amanda Madden)
Don’t Talk (d. Volkan GİRGİN)
Düsseldorf (d. Mike Lars White)
Eat the Rainbow (d. Brian Benson)
Ethiopia: Daily Fight for Recycling (d. Luigi Baldelli)
Fabula (d. Jordan Baseman)
Field of Vision (d. Diane Nerwen)
Field Resistance (d. Emily Drummer)
Fleeting disorders (d. Marc Adi)
Foods For Coping (d. Joey Zhao)
Glugga (d. Omar Lopex)
Grip (d. Timothy David Orme)
Guardians of the Forest (d. Jacob Wagner)
I’ve Been Afraid (d. Cecelia Condit)
Ideologies of Home (d. Deon Kay)
In Concert (d. linda girvin)
Jealousy (d. Kimberly Burleigh)
Liberation Heroes: The Last Eyewitnesses (d. Vanessa Roth)
Making the Impossible Possible: The Story of Puerto Rican Studies at Brooklyn College (d. Tami Gold & Pam Sporn)
Malembe (d. Luis Arnias)
Mass for Shut-ins (d. Gwendolyn Audrey Foster)
Mise en Scène (d. Eric Leja)
New Mexico Deathwish Diatribe (d. Georg Koszulinski)
Passed the Brush (d. Leif Gantvoort)
Quiet on Set (d. Jeanette Buck)
Radical Care: The Auntie Sewing Squad (d. Valerie Soe)
Reimagining the City, As our Own (d. Irene Gustafson)
Remembering Marvelous Marv (d. Neil Ira Needleman)
Rhythm as a Girl (d. Sara Sowell)
Romantic Getaway (d. Ariel)
Sacred Brick Technology (d. Ian Bertorelli)
Shelter at Home Alone (d. Rani Deighe Crowe)
Side by Side 38 (d. Ron Taylor)
Something Fishy (d. John Amadon)
Somewhere We Live in Little Loops (d. Guli Silberstein)
Splintered (d. Isabel Aurichio)
Stormchaser (d. Gretl Claggett)
Tallgrass (d. Bowdie Bentz)
Taxidermy (d. Melanie Curran)
Tender Hearts (d. Lauren Jevnikar)
The Bra Mitzvah (d. Stacy Jill Calvert)
The Brick House in the Wind (d. Sangsun Choi)
The Ephemeral Orphanage (d. Lisa Barcy)
The Important Day (d. Olesia Aleinikova)
The Joymaker (d. Tara Grover Smith)
The Little Birds of Lempa River (d. Simone Fabbri)
The Longest Walk (d. John Haley)
The Lord’s Day (d. Simon Weizineau)
The Photoplay Obeys the Laws of the Mind (d. Gloria Chung)
The Roots of Lacrosse (Shelby Tsioweri:iohsta Adams & Joanne Storkan)
The Scapegoat (d. Tathagata Ghosh)
The Second Body (d. Rachel Makana’aloha O Kauikeolani Nakawatase)
Transparent, the world is. (d. Yuri Muraoka)
Undeterred (d. Eva Lewis)
What You Left Behind (d. Jayce Kolinski)
Wish You Were Here (d. Dan S)
《farewell》(d. Qingyang)
婦人 (Fujin) (d. Rachel Makana’aloha O Kauikeolani Nakawatase)