6 pm: Best Of The Festival & Award Ceremony

The jurors Valerie Soe, Roya Ebtehaj and Dan Mirvish have sent us their favorites. What were your favorites? Were they the same? Tonight at 6 pm join us for a selected screening of the award winning films. Sneak hints below! A necessary Screening to see!

Unnecessary Things- an animated film from the Ukraine

Plus there will be a screening of Kate Renshaw-Lewis’ film Belly Talkers.

Belly Talkers

Growing up, I always explained my chronic vocal tic as the man who lives in my belly and likes to scream. Belly Talkers is a 7-minute animation about this man and the ties between tics, memory, and trauma. The film explores what it would be like to interact with the personification of the vocal tic within a world that blends the external reality and the internal metaphysical space of the main character. Recordings of my vocal tics from the past two years are used as dialogue and as the film unravels the connections between the characters, the film’s medium becomes more experimental and tactile, blending 2D and 3D elements. director Kate Renshaw-Lewiso