8pm: Desperate Measures

Program 3: Desperate Measures
Friday, February 25, 2022
8:00 p.m. Varsity Center

A slate of stubborn characters populates this program of narratives and documentaries that highlight what drives individuals to extreme ends in quests to learn, create, and heal, or just survive, or, on the other hand, to rebel and cause harm. Viewer Discretion Advised

A Banana Tree is No Coincidence (d. Luiza Goncalves)
Documentary – 10 minutes


A documentary about the urban banana plants that grow in San Sebastian, a historically famous tourist destination in Spain.

Birdie (d. Andrew Edison)
Narrative – 13 minutes

A troubled teen takes his childhood babysitter hostage after she uncovers his deadly plan.

The Doll (Arousak) (d. Elahe Esmaili)
Documentary – 33 minutes

After consulting with his relatives a 35-year-old father consents to the marriage of his 14-year-old daughter. As individuals with differing perspectives his family grapple with the decision.

Bugs (d. Megan Cullen)
Narrative – 27 minutes

After a virus decimates the wild rabbit populations, Bugs and fellow lost souls – Thumper, Rabbit and Energizer – roam the desert seeking answers from strangers as they journey towards the Light.

Rust (d. Rafal Malecki)
Documentary – 30 minutes

An intimate portrayal of an artist-welder. Mariola Wawrzusiak-Borcz roams post-industrial areas with her faithful dog in search of scrap metal, which she uses in her artwork. During the welding process she creates terrifying sculptures of animals, androids and children affected by war. She fulfils her obsessive need to create art in spite of her painful hand condition. When the air quality in the city exceeds acceptable limits she, together with her family, travels to an uninhabited island, to wait out the difficult time in close contact with nature.